How to Select a Portrait Photographer


The following article gives you some tips in selecting the best portrait photographer that you need.

The first thing to do to find a good portrait photographer is to look at the portfolio or gallery that they have displayed on their webpage.  A portrait photographer who has not displayed any works in his website should not be considered.  Examine the portraits in the portfolio carefully.  A good Portrait Photographer Boca Raton will display many images which should at least give you an idea of what his style is and if he is consistent with it.  There should also be different poses and types of images which demonstrates the photographer's experience and creativity.

Is there similarity with the photographer's images with the pictures you take with your own camera?  If it is just the same as what you take then you can tell that he is not a true professional.  You should see a dramatic difference between your photos and a professional photograph taken with proper lenses and lighting.  A professional portrait will have a blurry background and the subject stands out.  There should be plenty of light in the subject's eye to avoid raccoon eyes created by overhead sun.  

Photographing a subject's face in direct full sunlight is a sign that the photographer is not a pro.   It is also important to check the photographer's charges.  Good photography is not really dependent on the price that the photographer charges.  A photographer can charge you a small amount but you may not really like the resulting images.  Or you can also pay a large amount and love al the pictures.  In photography, you get what you pay for.  The charges of photographers is based on their experience and equipment level. It is also important to determine the type of photography the photographer does.  Find a photographer whose specialization is portraiture.  

If the photographers takes on any type of photography jobs, better choose the one who only does portraits. The style of the photography is the next thing to check after you have made a list of potential portrait photographers like   Style is the most important thing in choosing a portrait photographer.  Style is something very personal to a photographer.  You might be able to hire the best portrait photographer in the world who might take your family portraits, but if the style is not pleasing to you, then your purpose is still defeated.  

A photographer may be known for his black and white photography.  Some use a tilt/shift lenses to blur large portions of the image.  Images are Photoshopped by some portrait photographers.  Some photographers, instead of focusing on the face, focus instead on other things that are on the person, like a shoe or a ribbon.  There are portrait photographers who prefer formal portraits with background, while there are other who want to shoot outdoors.  Different photographers use these different kinds of portrait photography styles.  You should choose a photographer whose style fits your taste. For further reading, please visit .